Appetizers, Soupes & Salades

 Pâté Maison
Country-style loaf of veal, pork, pistachio nut and cognac.

Escargots à la Bourguignonne
French “Burgundy” snails baked with garlic butter, parsley and Pernod.

            Soupe à L’ Oignon                                        Soupe du Jour             Onion soup baked with Emmenthal                                                 Soup of the day.
               Swiss cheese.                                                               8.00                         8.00                                                                                        

Salade de Laitue et Fine Herbes
Organic romaine served with a creamy watercress, tarragon,
parsley and chive vinaigrette with tomato, European cucumber,
 red onion and brioché croutons.

Salade à la Marchand de Vin
Organic mixed greens tossed with seedless grapes, toasted pecans, crumbled buttermilk
blue cheese and a verjus vinaigrette.

    Croquette de Coquillage
Rich saffron risotto and shellfish breaded and fried served
with a fine herb sauce.

Plat de Charcuterie
Assortment of sliced Prosciutto and Sopressata, with fresh mozzarella and cherry tomato salad,
black olive tapenade, roasted peppers and balsamic syrup.

Salade Niçoise
Spanish tuna, anchovies, baby red potato, nicoise olives, tomatoes, green beans, boiled egg,
baby greens with a lemon caper vinaigrette.

Quiche à la Méditerrané
Spinach, sundried tomatoes, roasted red pepper, garlic, onions
egg, Emmenthal and Laura Chenel goat cheese.

 Crêpes à la Reine
Delicate herbed crepes filled with roasted chicken, spinach, mushrooms,
and onion, baked with a reduction of sherry and creme fraiche.

 Saumon Fumer au Croissant
Smoked salmon served on a fresh croissant with an herbed whipped cream cheese,
red onion and cucumber accompanied by fresh easonal fruit.

Fruits de Mer
Chef’s special seafood selections of the day.
(Market price)
Nouilles au Boeuf
Tender strips of beef, pan-seared and finished with a rich demi-glaze, and sour cream
served over Fettuccine noodles.



Orzo Salad                                                                             4.00

Pommes Frites                                                                      4.00

Fruit Plate                                                                             5.00

Side Salad                                                                             5.50

Cup of Soup                                                                           5.50




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